Client Resources

Power Point & Speaker Presentations

“Are you Ready for the RAC’s”

We review the current RAC program and all the essentials to being prepared. Also includes information on the process, the focus of the RAC audits, and how to stay on top of current trends.

“Choosing the Best ARD”

Presentation focuses on a team approach to choosing the best ARD. It includes discussions on grace day usage, coding on Section G, and capturing the look-back into the hospital stay.

“Current Trends in Rehabilitation”

Objective measures are the thing! With increased focus on therapy documentation, therapists are relying more and more on objective measures that better support the services they provide. This in-service covers current trends in objective measures that are applicable to the SNF setting.

“Five Star Quality Rating Systems for Skilled Nursing Facilities”

This will help you know how the five star rating is calculated and what you can do to positively impact the facility's five star rating status.

“Gift of Restorative Nursing”

This presentation provides the groundwork and vision required to run an effective restorative program. Includes therapy’s role in establishing restorative programs and defines the differences between restorative plans of care and functional maintenance programs.

“Just Say NO to Sling Seats”

This presentation focuses on alternatives to the common “sling-seat” wheelchair. This presentation covers basic positioning concepts and goals. It includes a variety of inexpensive alternatives to multiple positioning requirements.

“MAC/RAC/CERT/ZPIC Reviews addressing areas of high risk”

The year 2010 is seeing increased activity from the MAC/RAC/CERT and ZPIC reviews in long term care. This class focuses on those areas of high risk for the provider.

“Preparation for the MDS 3.0 Changes with Financial and Operational Implications”

This presentation focuses on the major changes to the MDS 3.0 which will impact financial and operational areas after October 1, 2010.

“PPS Strategies for Success”

Reviews critical components to ensure success with the changing Prospective Payment System.

“Restraint Reduction-How to Become a Restraint-Free Facility”

This class reviews current regulations on restraint reduction, what constitutes a restraint, proper coding of restraints and alternatives to restraint use.

“Reducing Worker’s Compensation”

Discusses the risks associated with the care provided in SNF settings. Presentation focuses on most common injuries and how to prevent them. Also details the recommended “No Lift” policy used in many facilities. Reviews protocol for working with injured employees.

“Successful response to “Additional Documentation Requests” (ADRs)”

What to do in the event your facility receives “Additional Documentation Requests” (ADRs) to ensure success as this class focuses on how to ensure your best success in the initial and subsequent submission of medical records for review by one of the many entities auditing Medicare records in today's environment. It will also discuss current 2010 trends seen in the ADR environment.

Long Term Care Resources

Census Development Toolkit

This is Burger Rehabilitation’s unique approach to Census Development that includes a decision-matrix. It quickly focuses the IDT on facility-specific marketing activities. Also includes resources such as press releases, sample physician letters, and marketing collaterals.

Celebrate Success Program

We take the hassle and worry out of the program and provide you with an easy alternative. Just send us a photo of the resident that you are celebrating and within days you receive multiple copies of the Celebrate Success certificate (of your choice) to use in your marketing activities.

ARD Worksheet

Having a difficult time capturing the best ARD date? Need a tool to track IV’s and other extensive nursing services provided in the hospital? This worksheet can help your team choose the most appropriate ARD date to best benefit the patient and maximize your reimbursement. This includes how to properly score section G ADLs and restorative requirements for the Rehab Low category.

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